Social Media Keeps Cruising Along.

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2,000. 5,000. 10,000. 15,000. The social media numbers keep climbing as Belzona keeps connecting with the boating world on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter. Conversations, shares, Likes and comments that lead to answers about questions of our craftsmanship, history, availability and overall company have become part of Belzona’s daily routine, and help make the social pages anything but.

On Belzona’s social media pages, one can find the “Above & Below” campaign, the “Get There” campaign and “The Dream” campaign. “Mercury Mondays” are a common staple, highlighting the partnership with Mercury Marine in a number of different ways. Boat show updates and live feeds are common. Product features as fun as they are informative occasionally sneak their way in. As do all new boat updates and major Belzona news stories. In factm one of the top performing posts has gathered over 450,000 total views…all from the boating community in major boating areas. You may have seen it, as many have: it’s the sliding side door video, shot in the Belzona factory.

The social media pages of Belzona have truly become the platform to discover the entire world of Belzona. A strong emphasis on conveying the creativity, fun, craftsmanship, beauty and South Florida-inspired lifestyle shines through one each of the Belzona platforms.


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