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Reaching towering new heights as a company always represents important milestones and big news. Reaching new heights in the form of a Marlin Tower, well that’s just plain fun. Because the Belzona Marlin Tower delivers on so many levels.

From the functionality standpoint, the Belzona Marlin Tower expands just what boating, fishing and simply spotting cool things can be aboard a Belzona.  The tower also is key for spotting fish such as tuna, sailfish and mahi mahi. It is also ideal for finding bait lines, groups of birds on the water (which often signify fish directly below) and scanning reefs on clear days. With the tower, chances for success in fishing definitely climb (forgive the pun).

From a design perspective, the uniqueness of the tower is a perfect complement to the look, feel and flow of the Belzona boat. The width and curvature of the beams work as extensions of the highly distinguishable center helm. It is truly a marriage of style and intelligence.

From a simply fun perspective, the tower opens new views to Belzona owners. Depending on where you are, it becomes easier to spot dolphins. Whales. Manatee. Sea turtles. Shallow water shipwrecks. Reefs. Dive buoys. Crab trap buoys. Markers. Other boats. Land. And so on, and so on. You can even use it to help find things like water toys that might fall overboard.

Being a complete Marlin Tower, complete control also comes to those piloting above deck, as the boat can be piloted from the tower. In fact, the Mercury Marine joystick system can even be placed up there, which pretty much turns the Marlin Tower into a control tower. With one heck of a view.

The Belzona Marlin Tower is primarily available for the 32 Center Console, but can also be made for the 32 Walk Around. Call or email Belzona today to start boarding the Marlin Tower yourself:

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