Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine: Belzona Marine Sets New Marine Industry Standards

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In the past three years Belzona Marine has turned the boating world upside down; breaking design traditions that have been in place for years. If you think the name Belzona sounds familiar, it’s because you probably know them. Belzona has been making protective polymer composites and coatings used in the heavy marine industry and in shipyards all over the world since 1952. So why start making boats? According to owner and CEO Joel Svendsen, it’s because they simply wanted to.

“I’ve been an avid boater since I was very young. I created Belzona Marine because I knew that boats could be better tailored to the way people really use them: fishing or scuba diving one day, and taking the family to the local sandbar the next.”

The people who work at Belzona Marine are boaters at heart, and they have a dream: which is exactly where industry changing ideas normally start. Belzona Marine continues to redefine their limits and set new standards within the boating industry. At the 2012 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show they launched their first model, the 325 Center Console, which to put it lightly surprised quite a few people. They appeared at this show; out of nowhere with a boat no one had seen, and with options that people are still trying to emulate. Just one year later, they launched their 327 Walk Around, a hybrid model that turned the 32 foot center console into a 32 foot weekender that any family would be lucky to enjoy. As evidenced by the extraordinary line-up of boat models Belzona Marine has already launched, it is easy to see that they take their designs and engineering skills to the extreme. But it is never about technology, just for technology’s sake. They like to take a balanced approach. The result: Intelligent Performance.

“Here at Belzona, people are constantly seeking new ideas on their own initiative, which in the long run means better boats,” states Karl Boehler, Belzona Marine’s Executive Vice President and Designer. “The appeal of the Belzona Marine boat is that everyone can use them. If you fish, our boat is for you. If you dive, our boat is for you. If you just want to cruise around with family and friends, that’s great too because the boats are built for the way people really use them.”

Belzona Marine’s 327 Walk Around combines the ground breaking options initially introduced with the 325 Center Console, with high end amenities normally reserved for larger yachts. The 327 comes standard with Belzona’s patented Easy Open Sliding Doors, their Quick Drain Technology in the boat’s cockpit, a unibody center console, and the sleek sport inspired lines that define the brand. The air conditioned cabin comes standard with a dry head, a separate full size walk in shower, an integrated sink and vanity, as well as a 7 foot berth large enough for any boating enthusiast. The day-boater or weekender will find the summer galley kitchen’s sink, grill, and microwave a perfect place to cook the day’s catch, or share a refreshing beverage with friends.­

As mentioned earlier, the Belzona Marine 327 Walk Around also caters to those who are more interested in fishing. Aft of the helm, the Walk Around model remains the same as the Center Console providing the angler with six feet of cockpit space, ample tackle storage, two sixty inch insulated fish boxes, and two optional live wells.

With strong ideas, and a definite views on how to approach boating, Belzona Marine continues to reimagine how boaters enjoy the water. Belzona Marine and its boats represent a dream of one man who was not satisfied with simply following the trail set forth by others.

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