Crafted to Break the Mold

It truly is all in the details.  And we are proud of every single one that has made us who we are.

Our Fresh Approach

In the boating world, we are a young company. In the real world, we are life-long boaters. This gives us an unprecedented opportunity to take the best of boating and add fresh ideas to a field that often leans on past accomplishments. It also allowed us to completely start everything from scratch, and not be held to old standards or ways of thinking. So we did just that. Starting with conversations, moving to pen and paper and then onto solid engineering designs.

Patented Performance

Our fresh approach has created design concepts so ground breaking, they are patented. Starting with our game-changing Easy Open sliding side doors with a swim ladder. Easy to use, designed with safety in mind, and with the option to have them on both sides, the simplicity of this concept is a game-changer. These create a 40” opening, and opens the water to divers, swimmers, fisherman, folks just hanging out, kids and families like never before.

Why That Window

Our dramatic design features include a window that offers a view very rarely seen on boats of this class. And we are often asked why. Simple: design form that follows intelligent function. By creating these forward-facing windows, we greatly reduced the ability for water to ever block your view. When the water hits the windshield, it is funneled away. Giving you the clearest view out there.

Intelligence Extends To The Engines

We give you plenty of powerful options when it comes to engine performance.  From horsepower to aesthetics to controls, you can outfit your engines how you best see fit. In fact, we even give you the option of the easy-to-use joystick. This game-changer makes anyone a boat maneuvering expert, as it takes many of the challenges out of moving your boat and puts the power at your fingertips. Literally.

A Cockpit That Rides Shotgun

In approaching the design of our cockpits, we eliminated the use of aluminum piping and replaced the traditional build with a composite structure. This served to eliminate the potential wear and tear that produces broken welds, broken nuts and bolts and loosened nuts and bolts; common enemies to the boating world. And this design also allowed us to give you unobstructed views from the cockpit. So you can see it all, and have better control over what you see.

The Power Behind Belzona

The Belzona brand is a global phenomenon with a presence in over 125 countries. Over six decades old, Belzona was built upon great products and even better people. Customer service was a driving force in building the relationships and trust that allowed the brand to flourish, and it is those exact same principles that guide Belzona Marine. In fact, the greatest feature of our boats can be found docked in our headquarters: our people.