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There might come a time, during the upcoming Miami International Boat Show, when you find yourself staring at the new Belzona Marine 325 Center Console wondering to yourself where it came from. At first glance you assume that this flare bowed boat with the patented dual sliding doors and reverse angled console is just another foreign import. Wrong. Belzona has been around longer than you realize and has been a fixture in the Miami diving scene for a while.

To some, Belzona is known as a polymer company designing and manufacturing specialty polymer composites that rebuild, repair and maintain machinery, equipment, and buildings. To others, Belzona is now the new kid on the block, engineering state of the art custom boats right here in Miami Lakes. According to the CEO Joel Svendsen, Belzona decided to build boats because there was nothing currently on the market that could give him, an avid diver, exactly what he wanted, and many in the marine industry know that great boats are not built for money but, instead, for love and necessity.

Divers here in Miami may also recognize the name Belzona from a popular dive spot off Key Biscayne. Starting in 1991, Belzona donated and sunk three barges as part of the Florida Artificial Reef Program. The ship wrecks all rest on the bottom of Key Biscayne’s Artificial Reef Site and are popular places for locals to visit.

To say that the people designing, building, and promoting this boat are dedicated to providing a product never before seen, might be an understatement. There are details on this boat that will simply amaze you. Take Belzona’s dual sliding doors for instance. These doors not only make entering and exiting the boat easy from the dock, but divers as well have an easier time maneuvering with their gear when using the door and retractable ladder system. The dual sliding doors are also wide enough to compensate for wheel chairs and are more accessible for people with disabilities. With this model, Belzona has also introduced a new style of support systems with their composite support for the hard top. No longer do you have metal piping blocking your view of the Miami horizon. The single, center, spine-like support of the hardtop allows 360 degrees of viewing pleasure. And for those relaxing trips with the family, the Belzona Marine 325 Center Console boasts grab rails everywhere within reach, comfortable stow-away seating all around the boat; and a head compartment complete with vanity and mirror accessed through a walk-in sliding door right alongside the steering wheel. You will no longer have to crouch down to enter the head through a hobbit sized side door. There is also an air conditioned helm and console compartment;, raw water wash down station inside the anchor locker;, and a leaning post that includes a refrigerator and freezer, tackle stowage drawers, four rocket launchers, and a pair of cup holders among other amenities. Fishing geared versions of the boat can contain primary and secondary livewells, riggings stations, and sinks. You just can’t ask for more.

Today, it might be less common to find a completely new product made by an all-new builder. But in this case, Belzona Marine has done just that. Belzona Marine wants to be the company to catch you off guard. If you’re passing through a boat show, and see a crowd gathering, chances are it’s because they are looking at a Belzona Boat.

Skiles, Elizabeth. “Belzona Marine 325 Center Console: The New Kid on the Block.” Coastal Angler Magazine. February 2013: 10. Print.

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