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We Say: From afar the Belzona 325 Center Console looks like another in a line of rugged and well-built center-consoles coming out of Florida. But closer inspection reveals that this is unique and one of the most intriguing boats to hit the market in a while.

On test day, we stepped aboard through the gunwale doors that slide aft rather than swing open as on other boats. The doors slide on stainless-steel trolleys 40 inches apart that mate with the self-lubricating track. Both doors proved rattle-free and watertight. The doors are just two of the 76 molded parts on this boat. Another standout is the cockpit drainage system of molded-in slits on the transom in lieu of scuppers. The hardtop is also impressive, supported by the windshield frame and a fiberglass beam that’s built into the leaning post.

The 325 has 22 degrees of transom deadrise, but it rides on a flat delta pad similar to a bass boat’s. This helps it both plane quickly and hold plane at low speeds (15.7 mph on test day) and exceed 53 mph on the top end.The designers have a few minor kinks to work out, notably adding a proper grab rail to the leaning post so passengers can hold on, but Belzona plans to address this.

Who’d Want One: Any angler/diver looking for a versatile center-console

McDonald, Pete. “Belzona Marine 325 Center Console.” Boating. May 2013: 15. Online.

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