Welcome, To The "Belzona Triangle."

Three and a half miles off of Key Biscayne in Miami, resting in 60-80 feet of water, lies a small success story, a testament to the beauty of the ocean and a living example of our commitment to conserving our waters. The Belzona Triangle is an artificial reef consisting of three boats that we sunk some years ago. Since then, the ocean has taken over and created a thriving reef system.

“The three tugboats which make up the Belzona Triangle are located in 60-80ft of water. They are regularly inhabited by pretty much all the common Caribbean reef fish, from grunts to jacks to grouper. In winter it’s common to see dozens of barracuda above the wrecks, particularly the Belzona III which is the tallest of the three. Less frequently we see big tarpon, sea turtles, and green and spotted morays. It’s also the only place I’ve ever seen a sand bar shark, which looks like a bull shark with an oversized dorsal fin. Fortunately, they are not considered dangerous to people.”
Joel Svendsen
CEO & avid diver

Yes, as you may have guessed, our CEO dives the triangle frequently with an amazing dive group out of Miami, The Miami Wreck Exploration Project. In fact, the organization is always open to new, properly certified and like-minded divers to join them on these amazing dives.

You can find out more about the work they do, and wrecks they visit, here: http://miamiwreck.org