Belzona Marine Officially Launches 277 Walk Around At #FLIBS2014

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October 31, 2014

Belzona Marine is pioneering a new way to approach boating with the introduction of heir sporty 277 Walk Around. The 277 Walk Around is the second boat in Belzona Marine’s Walk Around hybrid group, standing along side last year’s model, the 327 Walk Around. The 277 was specifically designed to provide it’s owners with practical functionality, ease of use, and Belzona’s high quality standard.

The 277 Walk Around features the standard low profile look, and uni-body design that has become the Belzona Marine standard. With a 360-degree helm, a 5 foot cockpit, ample live bait wells, tackle centers, rod holders on the gunwales, and available hardtop outriggers, the 277 will please any angler looking for a boat he can also use for family fun. The 277 Walk Around’s custom upholstery makes the bench seat aft of the console, and the forward sun lounge a perfect place to enjoy the water. At 27 feet the 277 Walk Around packs all the amenities of larger boats into a smaller. more manageable package, and is bound to be one of Belzona Marine’s most popular models.

This 2014 show marks the third year Belzona Marine has launched a new product at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Belzona Marine is historically renowned for it’s high customer satisfaction, and high quality products. With a three year stem to stern warranty, and a ten year structural warranty, Belzona Marine stands by its products with a confidence sure to impress any new customer. Vist Belzona Marine, in booth 2020 inside the convention center to see the all new 277 Walk Around for yourself.

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13 responses to “Belzona Marine Officially Launches 277 Walk Around At #FLIBS2014

    1. Mr. Coakley,

      Thank you for your interested in the Belzona Marine boats. If you would like to learn more about the boats and their prices, please call us at 305.512.3200. We will be more than willing to help you with your questions.

      Belzona Marine

    1. Mr. Heaton,

      You can see most of our models at the Belzona Marine factory. If you are interested in seeing the 277 Walk Around it will be in the water this weekend in Miami. If you would like to schedule a factory tour, or sea trial please call us at 305.512.3200.

      Belzona Marine

    1. Gene,

      The 277 Walk Around is a smaller boat, therefor it will most likely be less expensive. The price is reflected by how you option the boat. To get up-to-date pricing please contact us or one of our dealers.

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