Navigating An Amazing New Journey

It began as a dream. An inkling of what could be. An idea in his head. It was a seed planted in childhood, and it sprouted into a full-fledged passion as an adult. Life-long boater, avid diver from age 15, and a devoted father, CEO Joel Svendsen always wondered why boating couldn’t be better. Easier. Simpler. For diving, for families and just for stepping on and off of. And then the opportunity arose. And he sat with his hand-picked team. And they built a better boat.

A Proud Past To Build Upon

While Belzona Marine has recently started making waves in the boating world, the name “Belzona” has carried International weight for over 50 years. In fact, the company’s history spans all the way back to Northern Metalife, LTD, formed by Mr. Jorgan Svendsen, Joel Svendsen’s father, in England in 1952. Originally a corrosion protection company, Metalife then created The Belzona Polymerics Company specifically to market a range of metal repair products. From this company came the famous “Belzona 1111®” Super Metal.

Since its inception, the company has continually experienced tremendous growth worldwide by adhering to their principles of quality, research and development and customer care. As a result, they have become leaders in supplying industrial protective coatings and repair composites within the heavy marine industry. Their proven products are also renowned for being technologically advanced and at the forefront of their field. This complete commitment to excellence has allowed Belzona Polymerics to currently operate in over 125 countries. And it is upon these proven principles that the foundation of Belzona Marine has been built.

Come Boat Our Dream

We invite you to join in this sea change in boating. And become a part of our family. The rewards are clearly measurable and yet unseen. The best in-class boating will become yours, as will our devotion to serving you through your dream journey.